Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Services

Speech therapy in home care is designed to enhance communication skills, promote independence, and improve the overall quality of life for individuals facing speech, language, and swallowing challenges. By delivering personalized interventions in a familiar environment, speech therapists aim to create a supportive and effective therapy experience for their patients.

  1. Assessment: The process begins with a comprehensive assessment conducted by a speech-language pathologist. The therapist evaluates the patient’s communication abilities, including speech clarity, language comprehension, expressive language skills, voice quality, and fluency. For patients with swallowing issues (dysphagia), the therapist assesses the individual’s swallowing function.
  2. Individualized Treatment Plan: Based on the assessment results, the speech-language pathologist creates an individualized treatment plan tailored to the patient’s specific needs and goals. The plan aims to improve communication skills, address speech and language challenges, or manage swallowing difficulties.
  3. Communication Therapy: For patients with speech and language disorders, speech therapists use various techniques and exercises to improve speech production, articulation, phonological skills, and language comprehension. They may work on language expression, vocabulary, sentence structure, and conversational skills.
  4. Articulation and Pronunciation Training: Speech therapists help patients improve their articulation and pronunciation of speech sounds, enabling them to communicate more clearly and effectively.
  5. Voice Therapy: For individuals with voice disorders, speech therapists may provide voice therapy to improve vocal quality, pitch, and loudness, and teach strategies to protect and maintain vocal health.
  6. Fluency Therapy: Patients with fluency disorders, such as stuttering, receive specialized therapy to improve speech fluency and reduce disfluencies.
  7. Swallowing Therapy (Dysphagia Management): Speech therapists assess and treat swallowing difficulties to ensure safe and efficient swallowing. They may provide exercises to strengthen swallowing muscles or suggest modified food textures and strategies to prevent aspiration.
  8. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC): For individuals with severe communication impairments, speech therapists may introduce and train patients on the use of AAC devices or communication boards to support their expressive communication.
  9. Family and Caregiver Training: Speech therapists often involve family members or caregivers in the therapy process, providing them with strategies and techniques to support the patient’s communication and swallowing goals at home.
  10. Progress Monitoring: Speech-language pathologists regularly evaluate the patient’s progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed to achieve the best possible outcomes.
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Client Feedback

“I cannot say enough good things about the quality of care our nurse Cloutia provided for my mother and how sad we are to see her go once the care had ended” 

Amanda P

Daughter of a  Patient

“Your Care Coordinator gave me great advice on how to talk to Mom, what to say, and how to say it in a supportive way so Mom feels like she is in charge of her decisions. It made all the difference!”

John C

Son of a patient

“We have used Home Care Wellness twice in the last year. We have been extremely pleased with the excellent quality of care. My husband is especially happy with Sameera, his Nurse. She treats him like family, always going above and beyond of what is required. She has become part of our family!”

Alexus D

Spouse of a patient

Mr. R. had a visit with the doctor today and was going on about how fabulous his physical therapist is. He indicated he has never seen anyone work so hard and be committed to helping him progress as far as he has come. Patient absolutely loves the progress he has been able to achieve from Home Care Wellness.”

Javeria K.

Physician office visit feedback

“I was very happy with the care that the staff from Home Care Wellness was providing. Awesome care! Love them all!”

Mr. John Z


“I love my Nurse so much. She is excellent, helpful, polite, intelligent, pleasant, and like part of the family.”

Mrs. Onita T


“Satya, my P.T., is by far the best physical therapist I have ever had. I have never accomplished so much with any other therapist and I have worked with a lot of different therapists over the years.”

Mr. Abdul R