Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled nursing in home care is essential for individuals who require advanced medical care and monitoring, but who wish to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their home environment. By bringing expert healthcare services to the patient’s doorstep, skilled nursing in home care supports recovery, improves quality of life, and helps patients maintain their independence to the greatest extent possible.

Bullet points

  1. Medical Assessment and Monitoring: Skilled nurses perform thorough assessments of the patient’s medical condition, vital signs, and overall health status. They monitor the patient’s progress and provide ongoing evaluations to adjust the care plan as needed.
  2. Wound Care: Skilled nurses are trained in wound management and dressing changes for patients with surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, or other skin conditions that require specialized care to promote healing and prevent infection.
  3. Medication Management: Nurses administer medications, injections, and intravenous (IV) therapies as prescribed by the patient’s physician. They ensure proper dosages, monitor for side effects, and educate patients and caregivers on medication management.
  4. IV Therapy: Skilled nurses can administer intravenous fluids, medications, and nutrition for patients who require such treatments to manage acute or chronic conditions.
  5. Catheter Care: For patients with urinary catheters, skilled nurses provide care and maintenance to prevent infections and complications.
  6. Tube Feeding Management: Skilled nurses can administer and manage tube feedings for patients who are unable to eat or swallow normally due to medical conditions.
  7. Disease Management and Education: Nurses educate patients and their families on managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, or respiratory disorders, to optimize the patient’s health and well-being.
  8. Post-Hospitalization Care: Skilled nursing in home care is often provided to patients transitioning from a hospital stay to home. Nurses can continue medical treatments and support to aid in the patient’s recovery process.
  9. Pain Management: Skilled nurses can implement pain management strategies, including administering pain medications and monitoring their effectiveness.
  10. Care Coordination: Skilled nurses work closely with the patient’s healthcare team, including physicians, therapists, and other specialists, to ensure seamless and coordinated care.
  11. Palliative and Hospice Care: Skilled nursing in home care may also involve providing palliative care or end-of-life care for patients with terminal illnesses, focusing on pain management, symptom control, and emotional support.
  12. Family and Caregiver Education: Skilled nurses educate family members and caregivers on the patient’s care needs, medication management, and other aspects of care to promote the patient’s well-being and safety.
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Client Feedback

“I cannot say enough good things about the quality of care our nurse Cloutia provided for my mother and how sad we are to see her go once the care had ended” 

Amanda P

Daughter of a  Patient

“Your Care Coordinator gave me great advice on how to talk to Mom, what to say, and how to say it in a supportive way so Mom feels like she is in charge of her decisions. It made all the difference!”

John C

Son of a patient

“We have used Home Care Wellness twice in the last year. We have been extremely pleased with the excellent quality of care. My husband is especially happy with Sameera, his Nurse. She treats him like family, always going above and beyond of what is required. She has become part of our family!”

Alexus D

Spouse of a patient

Mr. R. had a visit with the doctor today and was going on about how fabulous his physical therapist is. He indicated he has never seen anyone work so hard and be committed to helping him progress as far as he has come. Patient absolutely loves the progress he has been able to achieve from Home Care Wellness.”

Javeria K.

Physician office visit feedback

“I was very happy with the care that the staff from Home Care Wellness was providing. Awesome care! Love them all!”

Mr. John Z


“I love my Nurse so much. She is excellent, helpful, polite, intelligent, pleasant, and like part of the family.”

Mrs. Onita T


“Satya, my P.T., is by far the best physical therapist I have ever had. I have never accomplished so much with any other therapist and I have worked with a lot of different therapists over the years.”

Mr. Abdul R