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ImageHome Care Wellness is Medicare Certified and CHAP Accredited home health services provider. We have a staff of care professionals who serve clients in multiple counties in the State of Michigan.

With us, you will get your home health care requirements without having to be separated from the ones you love. With our carefully crafted services, your home will receive the make-over it needs to accommodate the requirements of your loved ones. Our services are performed with your well-being at heart.

Our caregivers, nurses, physicians and medical professionals will help assist you as you write new memories into the pages of your life. A sickness or an injury may have forced you to put your life on hold. Don’t worry, together we will undo that pause and continue what you have started.

We are with you all the way. Call (313) 586-4111 now and allow us to lend a hand to you your loved one at home.


Home Care Wellness will ensure that you get the utmost professional care from our staff when they visit your home.

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Home Care Wellness has a mission to be your partner in recovery, retirement and achieving a quality life at home.

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25050 W. Outer Dr., Suite 204
Lincoln Park, MI 48146
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Phone: (313) 586-4111
Fax:     (313) 556-2225

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